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Envisage Evoke Enlighten

TEDx 2017


Visions are intangible and non-existent, in the sense that they exist only in the mind. And yet, they are the most powerful things in the world. Acting as catalysts and stimulants, they have turned the tides many a time.

This year’s theme Envisage Evoke Enlighten aims to get in one place all the pace-setters and future-limners, icons and non-conformists who have envisaged something that spurred them on and evoked their spirits and took them on an uncharted territory where they went ahead to enlighten the path for others.

The results will be stories and ordeals, episodes and experiences, lessons and exemplars that will change the way you see the world. This edition of TEDxIIFTDelhi 2017 brings together an eclectic bunch of crusaders who sought to change something, turned their visions into reality and made the world a better place by their deeds. To chronicle all those tales and to unearth remarkable but lesser-known ideas, we launch the third edition of TEDxIIFTDelhi.




Speakers who talk about what life has taught them never fail to keep attention of their listeners


Shweta Tripathi

Match Fixing

Sreemoyee Piu Kundu

What it means to be a single woman in India

Manu Kumar Jain

Marketing Without Advertising

Chirag Gander and Sahil Vaidya

From clueless engineers to internet sensations

Sanjay Sethi

Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary

Anand Sinha

My Journey and Learnings

Dr. Anurupa Roy

Healthcare, Writing and the Social Angle

Meet the team

Teamwork makes the Dream work


Mihir Kumar

The Boss


Saumya Saloni

The Taskmaster


Sneha Ratakonda

The Creative One


Anima Nivsarkar

The Strategist


Aashisha Chakrabarty

The Editor


Sarang Bargale

The quiet one


Kaustubh Mani Tripathi

The Designer


Vidushi Kumari

The Writer


Darshan Sabalpara

The hard worker


Siddharth Bali

The Co-Designer


Harshil Modi

The Versatile One


Nikhil George

The Comic Relief

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